Who owns the company that makes the drugs for lethal injection?




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There is some precedent for that. From the Wall Street Journal:

The sole U.S. maker of a key drug used in lethal injections halted its production amid a broad global campaign by opponents of the death penalty, a decision likely to cause a substantial delay in many executions across the country.

The move by Hospira Inc. came after months of pressure by activists through a new campaign aimed at pressuring pharmaceutical companies whose products are used in lethal injections. The final decision came in the face of opposition from government figures in Italy, whose constitution prohibits the death penalty, after Hospira announced plans to shift production of the drug to a plant in Italy.

From the Atlantic:

The Lundbeck drug has already been used for three executions in Oklahoma and one in Ohio, and other states have purchased the drug.

Even though the European Union bans capital punishment, the Danish company is not the only European corporation to supply drugs to American death penalty states. A British company, Dream Pharma, has sold sodium thiopental, an anesthetic, to several states and it has been used in four executions in recent months, in Georgia and Arizona. German and Austrian pharmaceutical companies are also looking at the American capital punishment market.

Last September, as Arizona was preparing to execute Jeffrey Landrigan for the murder of a man during an armed robbery, the state found it there was no sodium thiopental domestically. It sought assistance from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection division of the Department of Homeland Security and the FDA to expedite the importation of the drug from Dream Pharma. “We called and explained to …Customs what we were doing and why, as well as the time-sensitivity and criticality of the issue,” an Arizona corrections officer wrote in an email (obtained by the ACLU in a law suit). “He provided us with e-mail verification that the shipment was to be expedited through Customs.”

Not long after that, a British-based human rights organization, Reprieve, filed a lawsuit to block Dream Pharma’s exportation of thiopental. The British government responded that America’s death penalty states would simply buy it elsewhere. But shortly after, the government effectively prohibited the export as Reprieve had requested.

And, the Atlantic again:

In light of today’s action by Kayem [to stop selling sodium thiopental for executions in the US], it is not clear where states will get sodium thiopental, which is the first of three drugs administered to the condemned man after he is strapped on the gurney. The only American company, Hospira, ceased production last year after experiencing manufacturing problems. Italian and British companies have been barred from exporting the drug for execution purposes by their respective governments. The European Union bans capital punishment, and the Austrian and German governments have told Reprieve that they will not allow companies to export thiopental to the U.S. for use in executions.

Without a reliable supply of thiopental, states are turning to an alternative drug: pentobarbital. It can be used as an anesthetic or as a single death-inducing drug in lieu of the three-drug cocktail.

Lawyers for death-row inmates, and death penalty opponents more generally, have launched a campaign against its use. Pentobarbital is used for putting animals to sleep, they note, and even then, states place restrictions on how veterinarians may use it.

At the moment, the only supplier of pentobarbital for executions is a company in Denmark, Lundbeck, and anti-death penalty activists have launched an aggressive campaign to persuade the company to cease exports, as Kayem now has of thiopental.

So it looks like Lundbeck might be the main supplier now. Who’s in Denmark that wants to throw down on this? If they switch to pentobarbital, there might be more suppliers in the US…and therefore people here could work on that.

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