The Smile of Hope

This is a picture of a little 13-year-old girl arrested during the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The picture tells us something very important, with brutal clarity. When the police are out on the streets arresting 13-year-old kids for peacefully protesting political issues then we know beyond argument something is terminally rotten in America.

When Black woman cops are arresting little white girls and not obviously inflicting any physical harm upon them THAT is when we know “beyond argument something is terminally rotten in America.”  Yup. “Brutal clarity” happens when a quirky little white girl smiles bravely at the camera. Not when shit like this happens to little Black girls. No, no.

It tells us that there is hope too, though. The spark of freedom that flickered in the middle-east during the Arab Spring is being re-ignited all over in America. People are waking up from the long, bad dream. They are seeing the lies and exploitation and hypocrisy all around them and saying ‘Enough’.

The battles to be fought are formidable, the forces ranged against us are frightening, but now at least we have hope that a better America, and a better world, is possible. 


Oh, yes. America is waking up now that shit is starting to hit the fan for white people. Nobody woke up when Aiyana Stanley Jones was murdered for a tv show. Nobody woke up when Detroit was suffering. White people came and cheered on the economic destruction. Still do. They have “urban decay” photoshoots where they take pics of the sad, tragic, yet “beautiful” crumbling buildings. Completely ignore the people who haven’t been able to find jobs or access a decent grocery store w/in city limits in fucking decades.

No, when a white-skinned girl in a goofy hat smiles at the camera while being arrested, THAT is when America wakes up. THAT is a sign of hope. Not the people who BEEN marching and protesting and boycotting.  Nawl. This watery-eyed lil girl is our “hope.”


Black & Brown Grump Squad. Let’s all make it official, I’m down.

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