Maybe you should think about it from women’s point of view. And I completely understand that about that specific person holding it and not knowing the full meaning of what she is saying but I still support the meaning. 

Black women? ARE WOMEN! That’s the whole fucking point. We are the ones that will actually be called nigger. Not white women. So when we are telling you it is offensive & wrong & you’d rather cling to the racism & erase our voices? That’s a serious problem. As for liking the meaning (because you like the idea of being able to co-opt someone else’s pain for your cause) that’s the dumbest damned thing I’ve ever heard. That line is meaningless in a society where only one race of women are going to actually be called nigger. We are the ones that are dehumanized by that term. We are the ones oppressed with that word. And unless you are going to take on the actual pain of being called a nigger by people who mean it & who will happily ruin your life for the crime of being born with dark skin?  You don’t get to decide that we should accept the sentiment or the goddamned sign. Ugh.

so foul that black women still have to say the first line. to the person whom karnythia was responding to—i can’t be bothered to scroll up to type out your name—you suck. 

“Maybe you should think about it from women’s point of view.”

…from women’s point of view

from women’s point of view


The possibility that she didn’t know what “nigger” means is not a very good excuse. What’s the point of a feminism that doesn’t even know that much? Shouldn’t feminism involve a basic amount of critical thinking and historical awareness?

But I guess that fits okay into a feminism that tells women of color to see things from a woman’s point of view.

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    the problems with feminism pretty well encapsulated here. a lot of us seem to think that because we’re progressive in...
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    still hilarious to me, white ppl aint shit.
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    yeah she said maybe you should think about it from a woman’s point of view like black women aren’t women
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    So fucked up.
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    lscamander - she is not saying women get treated like second class citizens. If she wanted to say that, that’s what she...
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    K but u rong doe. She is saying that Black women don’t count as real women. That looking at the world from a *Black*...
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    Yes strontiumbitch here’s the actual quote
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    The possibility that she didn’t know what “nigger” means is not a very good excuse. What’s the point of a feminism that...
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    She is saying that in every single country women are second citizens. It doesn’t matter our race or sexual orientation,...
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    GOd I hate the white women who wrote that sign and who held it up. What in the ever loving fuck?!
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    it doesn’t even make sense? and the little john lennon… I just…. what? what’s up with her?
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    You say the last part like that makes it okay. Ignorance is ignorance and expands to all races. The girl holding this...
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    I wanted to lynch her. Who’s the nigger now?
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    "Quoting black men from the 60s is not a valid defense against critiques from black women, black feminists, and our...
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    Yes, I would really prefer if you all would stop doing that. I mean, I fuck up too sometimes. And some of those times,...