CT Governor Dannel P. Malloy: Pardon Tonya McDowell For Kindergarten Educational Theft ›

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Last year, Tonya, a single mother from Bridgeport who was struggling to give five-year-old son a great school was charged by the Norwalk school district for sending her child to one of its schools. Tonya was trying to provide her child with the kind of opportunities you have supported this year through the proposed expansion of high-quality charter schools. But because of residency laws that restrict those choices, Tonya found herself faced with a choice: Send her child to a failing school that wouldn’t meet his needs – and make her child one of many kids damaged by the state’s worst achievement gap – or do what she can to help her child get into a school that would.

As a result of fighting fiercely for the future of her son, as any mother should do, she faced criminal charges– and now she faces an unfair sentence.

Tonya does not deserve this unfair sentence for education theft. So on her behalf, and on behalf of every parent, mother, father, and grandparent faced with a lack of quality opportunities to learn, I ask you to support Tonya’s full pardon for educational theft. With this pardon, you are once again sending the message that Connecticut will put the educational and life needs of children first!

& some recent news in the case:

A Connecticut woman who was homeless has pleaded guilty to fraudulently enrolling her son in the wrong school district.

Tonya McDowell entered her plea Wednesday in Norwalk Superior Court under the Alford Doctrine, meaning she doesn’t admit guilt but concedes the state has enough evidence to convict her.

She also pleaded guilty to selling narcotics. She faces about five years in prison at sentencing.

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    This whole thing is some serious bullshit. She should be pardoned.
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    Wow this is so fucked up.. I didn’t even know this was a crime punishable by jail time.. Terrible :(
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    Not American, but this is the sort of thing that people all over the world should be aware is happening. Education is...
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    I cannot believe that this is called “educational theft”, they will make it impossible for you to survive as anything...
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    (because my mom used false info to enroll me in the rich neighborhoods too)
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    I’m gonna keep reblogging this because I need people to sign it please. Or at least pass it on.