Queers with Guns

I keep getting facebook invites to go to Queers with Guns, which is where a bunch of queer folks get together at a shooting range and get a workshop on how to shoot guns. I think it’s a good idea but it makes me sooo nervous! I was raised by pacifists, and I can pick apart why I think pacifism is really problematic (and different from nonviolence), but I still don’t know that I could ever do this. I can’t even kill mosquitos, even while they’re biting me.

Queers With Guns is back, and badder than ever. This time, we’ve rented out the whole range, and have access to all the range’s guns. Yes, that’s right, a gun range full of queers shooting AK-47’s, .38 revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, M16’s (really AR-15’s), and 12 ga shotguns. All levels of experience welcome, there will be instruction on safe handling and shooting of each firearm.

We are going to get together again and learn how to use these tools… Maybe you want to come because you’re afraid of guns and want to get over your fear. Maybe you want to come to get ready for the revolution. Maybe you want to come because you think the phallic nature of guns is sexy… (thanks bruce labruce and “the raspberry reich” for that). Maybe you want to come because you’re an excellent shot and you want to show off. Maybe you want to come because you know hate crimes legislation is stupid and you want us to be able to defend ourselves without relying on the state. Whatever the reason, COME!!!!

Also I am very skeptical of anarchists/radicals who want to talk about violence as a tool for revolution or a necessary step or even just a last resort, without having had violence in their personal lives, or without living in a violent place. I grew up in a much less violent part of a very very violent place, and the violence in my neighborhood was often along racial lines, and then I had direct violence in my life later. So it is not something I can glamorize. Nor do I want to jump on board with anarchism that does a lot of posturing, or quotes other people talking about violence in their own lives but has no connection to it. And that is also not to say that someone can’t be authentically radical if they haven’t lived through violence—cause if you haven’t then that’s awesome for you!—but just I’m bothered by radicals glamorizing other people’s shit & tragedies.

I’m not accusing Queers with Guns of doing this, either; it’s just one of the reasons this makes me very nervous. Someday I’ll go. Not this time cause I’m still too scared.

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