Study some history, son

How fucking clueless and arrogant do white people have to be to think Idle No More is “the new Occupy”? Or has anything to do with it?

White unemployment rates just got fucked up last year. Black people’s been at Great Depression status for decades. I don’t even know figures for indigenous populations but I know they’re even more fucked. But white kids suddenly are interested, and it’s like they invented the shit.

I knew there had to be some reason for Occupy-types to be interested, and I couldn’t trust that it would be a reason that wasn’t just self-serving. Kids are gonna be so arrogant they think they can co-opt fights that been going on 500 years, that they just read about on the internet yesterday.

Like what is going through your mind for that to seem reasonable and okay?? Srsly.

Like I always say: Do your fucking homework.

I’m doing mine: currently reading Decolonizing together—Moving beyond a politics of solidarity toward a practice of decolonization by Harsha Walia who is a BOSS.

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