New York judge dismisses criminal sexual assault charges against DSK ›


It’s official. It’s over.

What’s really important here, from the article:

France’s Socialists on Tuesday lauded the move to drop the attempted rape case, but few expect Strauss-Kahn to jump back into politics very soon.

French Socialist Party chief Martine Aubry called it “an immense relief” that the prosecutors are abandoning the case.

"We were all waiting for this … for him to finally be able to get out of this nightmare," she said on France-Info radio.

His Socialist Party has scrambled for a new candidate who could unseat President Nicolas Sarkozy in April-May elections.

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    Drum roll please!
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    i think no, unless the victim was an equally wealthy white women with a pristine past.
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    I don’t think so. Only in cases where the victim was murdered, and even then…(thinking of that music producer who...
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    Prosecutor: “She’s lied in her life, she can’t be trusted now.” WTF do you suppose the croissant nibbling plutocrat has...
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    has a wealthy man ever been tried, convicted AND sentenced (and stayed incarcerated for at LEAST 65% of their time) of...
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    Still, I hope this affects him forever. Other women have come with accusations. I hope they don’t disappear now.
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    Wow……I am extremely disappointed and angry by this.
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