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When lady gaga releases her “ratchet” song





Not only can we officially not say ratchet anymore because white people ruin everything

Everyone’s local white gay males inner black woman will be “ratchet”

Guys I can’t deal

White people ruin everything? No. Lady Gaga ruins fucking everything.

Um my inner black woman is already ratchet

You misspelled “white”, “man”, and “racist”.

Y’all think you have an inner black woman, but you don’t realize that she has sense enough to hate you.

Every time you have an inexplicable stomach ache or something weird happens to your balls…that’s your inner black woman telling you how she feels.

Maybe I’ll just start taking people’s shit and demanding to be treated better than everyone else, and just blame it on my inner white dude.

"Oh, that meal you just cooked looks delicious, you should give it to me…That was just my inner white dude. But really, give that to me."

"I know none of us on this staff are white dudes, but I feel like I am on the inside, so…I should probably be promoted. We’ve been through a lot."


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