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I need you to come sit up front next to me so maybe you’ll be too embarrassed to spend your testing time drawing penises on post-it notes.

What I was NOT expecting to have to say while administering a practice SAT.

Today a freshman gave me unsolicited advice on how to get attention from girls: Catch tadpoles from the pond, put them in a jar of water, take them home with you on the bus, and girls will suddenly start asking you questions.

Today while subbing

  • me: Why aren't you working on your essay?
  • student: Miss Camille, I already wrote the whole thing! So don't come at me like that! (This is clearly a lie.)
  • me: Okay, so can I see it?
  • student (stares off for a long time trying to come up with an answer, then slowly): ........... No.

Highlight of my day subbing

  • student: Miss, what are you doing tomorrow, going out with your boyfriend?
  • me: No, he's out of town on a road trip.
  • student: Ohhh, I wanna go on one of those...BUTT NAKED!

Sorry dude, I do not relax

Today at work, I gave all my math students some worksheets to do. One kid said, “But Miss Camille, you’ve got dreadlocks, you’re supposed to be laid back.” I gave him a crinkly confused face, so he put on a weird voice and said, “Come on man, let’s just chill! Let’s all chill out man, we don’t need to do math worksheets.”

All I could say was, “Uhhh you’ve known me long enough to know I don’t relax. I don’t do chilling out, sorry, I don’t even know how. Get started on your worksheets.”

My doctor put me on a second psych med this morning. That was all I could think of as this kid was expecting me to chill out on them. Miss Camille does not chill out so do your damn worksheets!! (j/k).