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Occupy Chicago to Join Unions Monday | NBC Chicago ›

Anti-Wall Street protesters in Chicago will march with labor unions demanding jobs for the masses.

Occupy Chicago will rally with several unions participating in one of five Take Back Chicago marches scheduled for Monday afternoon, according to an Occupy Chicago press release.

The demonstrators plan to gather outside the Federal Plaza on Adams and Dearborn demanding a solution to the unemployment crisis, according to a release.

More than 7,000 people are expected to join in the protests focused on housing, education and job creation, according to Take Back Chicago.

Occupy Chicago and the Chicago Federation of Labor say they want to get the attention of the Mortgage Banker’s Association Annual Convention and Expo and the Futures and Options Expo, both taking place in Chicago this week.

There is a really important distinction between who is joining whom. This is something I think has been lacking, and I’ve seen it first hand in talking about “outreach” in Occupy New Haven. The idea is often that some group starts doing some work (or thinks they’re the ones who started it, as is the case at least with Occupy New Haven), and then is told they aren’t diverse enough, so they step back and decide to “include” other people. But the original group remains central, and other people are supposed to feel blessed by being included.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that an “occupation” (can’t really use that word comfortably on already occupied land) is instead asking to be included in work already being done, and, at least it seems, asking how they can support that work, instead of telling other people why they should join or care about their “occupation.” That mentality needs to be happening here.