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MONDAY Call-in day to drop charges against Jewu Richardson! ›

Please pass on!

Call CT Chief State’s Attorney and demand Jewu Richardson’s charges be dropped! Request Kevin Kane, Chief States Attorney. You don’t need to be from New Haven or CT to call.

Call 860-258-5800 and say,

I am calling to demand that the state’s attorney’s office of Connecticut drop all charges against Jewu Richardson of New Haven,CT.

The case against Mr. Richardson is made up of largely fabricated charges. Mr. Richardson’s history with the NHPD and the New Haven judicial system demonstrates a clear pattern of criminal abuse and cover-ups perpetrated against Mr. Richardson. Jewu Richardson has been brutalized, blackmailed, falsely imprisoned, denied his constitutional rights, illegally chased, and shot by the NHPD, but the NHPD has not been held accountable for any of these crimes.

It is impossible for Mr. Richardson to receive a fair trial. The NHPD has destroyed key evidence, and the judge who will be trying the case, Maureen Keegan, is the same judge who in 2006 denied Mr. Richardson his constitutional right to trial. We are becoming increasingly aware of this miscarriage of justice and we demand that this case be dropped now.


If you haven’t signed the petition, please do so at:


Jewu Richardson is an innocent man and survivor of police brutality who is facing 30 years in prison in a quickly approaching trial. He is being falsely charged with assault on a police officer after being chased, shot by the police inches from his heart, beaten and jailed with the bullet still lodged in his chest. Jewu’s passengers were also assaulted but never charged with any crime. Key evidence has been destroyed, including the vehicle Jewu is accused of assaulting the officer with.

Now he has the burden of proving himself innocent against charges fabricated by the New Haven Police Department in order to cover up their 13 year history of criminally targeting Jewu with no penalty. He also has the burden of proving himself innocent in the same judicial system that denied him his constitutional right to trial in 2006, when Judge Maureen Keegan, the prosecution, and Jewu’s own public defender aided the NHPD in covering up their crimes against him. Conveniently, Maureen Keegan will be trying Jewu’s current case.

For more,

Follow @copwatch203 on twitter! #justiceforjewu ›

So I finally figured out what twitter is & am running the Copwatch New Haven twitter @copwatch203. Mostly trying to get info out about police brutality survivor Jewu Richardson’s case and push the petition to drop charges against him. Please follow!

Here be dragons.: The Silent March to End Stop and Frisk ›


I have been reading and hearing about all this inspiring work being done by fathers lately, and it is changing my grumpiness about dads.

Anyone involved in posting photos of (a different) Trayvon Martin with grills and giving the finger as evidence that he was a “bad kid”:

Have you ever been around a teenager before? They’re fucking obnoxious just for the sake of it!

When I was in high school I used to go downtown and play pranks on strangers and make messes and break things that I didn’t intend to clean up and try to buy porn and yell at boys to suck my dick and sneak around the cops when they tried to kick us off school property for loitering after school and say really stupid shit really loudly. Then I went to school and got almost straight A’s and did my homework and only got in trouble when it was for political rabble-rousing and graduated and went to an ivy league college.

These things are not mutually exclusive; they were all going on concurrently. That is how teenagers develop and learn what boundaries to push and what ones to respect and where to set my own. Like if I had had any money, best believe I would have had a ridiculous grill while I was sitting there in AP Calculus. And best believe if facebook existed when I was in high school there would probably be photos in the ether of me giving the finger with one hand and reading political philosophy with the other.

None of that would have made me a bad kid.

And if those photoshadbeen on the same Trayvon that was killed, it wouldn’t have mattered. He wouldn’t have been a bad kid, and he wouldn’t have deserved racial violence from the police.

Our goal needs to be supporting black youth—not the “right” or “good” black youth, butallof them. What are we saying to that other Trayvon Martin, the one who actually was the one photographed giving the finger and wearing a grill? That he would have deserved to be profiled as a criminal?

Fuck that. One of my favorite students, one of the smartest people I know (not just in the school, but in general), picked the wrong battle recently. I can’t give details on it but I had to defend him to someone not affiliated with the school who wanted to just brand him a criminal based on a few actions and profiling him as a young black man. This was just before the photos were put online of the other Trayvon, and I had to start worrying even more then about my students being labelled murderable in that same way. I’m sure every one of the high schoolers I work with and adore can be seen on facebook giving the finger or something similar. But they’re all so much more complex than that.

So what is the black community doing to tell the other Trayvon that had he been in the “wrong” place at the wrong time, he also wouldn’t have deserved to be murdered? What are we telling young people when we say that the Trayvon that was killed was a “good” kid, that he got good grades, that he stayed out of trouble—especially when those are markers of succeeding in a system that is set up against black youth?

The students that I’m most excited to work with are the ones that get in trouble, the ones who are angry and have outbursts and aren’t afraid to yell at authority figures and who have hobbies besides getting good grades. I’m really open about that with both students and staff. Those are not “bad” kids, and they are no more deserving of racist violence than “good” kids are. (And, if anything, my tendencies toward following the rules made me a hell of a lot more boring than my students now who make their own rules and get their own shit done, but that is a whole nother project to get into.)

Building a black community that really fights, that is a culture of resistance, means we gotta get complicated and we gotta let people be complex. And young people are really fucking complex. That’s why I love working with teenagers, they’re at a point of figuring out how the world treats them and how they want to move through it and making sense of what they’re up against. Sometimes that involves flipping off a camera, and in the age of facebook that’s gonna end up on the internet.

So when I want justice for Trayvon, I mean both Trayvons, but I also want justice for all black youth who aren’t allowed to be complex multifaceted developing people the ways white people are. And I want justice beyond labeling someone a token “good” black kid and settling for that, and I want justice beyond putting one token individual in a racist prison system that is generally set up against black people. Basically I don’t want to settle for anything that doesn’t deeply feel like justice, that isn’t clearly enough.

WTF is up with white people trying to disavow themselves of Zimmerman?


Talking some shit about “he isn’t white, he’s hispanic”

Well, first of all, cracker, “Hispanic” is white.

Second, he identifies as white. He lives, breathes, acts as a white person ensconced in whiteness. And he upholds whiteness.

The bitch is white, whether you like it or not.

But now is so not the time for you to try to take the attention off of whiteness or to try to start some shit between Latino people and Black people.

I see you all with your complete lack of basic human decency.

Real talk: Black cops are still part of an anti-Black system. Would I rather have a few token POC in the police department than an all-white police force? Sure, but only so much as I might choose being beaten to death versus being stabbed to death—neither is a real choice, and neither involves my life and my agency.

People are on some ultra-simple shit if they think it’s impossible for POC to inflict racism upon each other and ourselves (even if dude identified as such).

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And I know someone is gonna come say it was “release of tension” that caused everyone to laugh (at the chicken joke), but shit, MOM ISN’T LAUGHING and she’s the ONLY ONE who has a right to a release of tension. And you don’t have a release of tension at the expense of the grieving when you aren’t agrieved parties AND are supposed to be professionals.


Nor do I for one minute believe it wasn’t intentional on the reporter’s part.

Holy shit. Video of Trayvon Martin’s mother giving a press conference is here, with reporters cracking a joke about him eating chicken (oh that’s a good one). The reporters laugh, but she doesn’t; there’s no reason to.

Remember when Troy Davis was killed and the people opening the press conference immediately after laughed?

What was all that shit about how white people try so hard all the time to be nice to us? Cause I’ve never seen evidence that it’s true, and even still, forced niceness is very far from empathy.

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How the FBI Invents Terrorists Like the U.S. Capitol ‘Suicide Bomber’ ›


Even the authorities admit the alleged suicide bomber apprehended near the U.S. Capitol posed no threat. Mansfield Frazier on how the feds create ‘terrorists’ so they can arrest them:

If federal authorities thought Amine El Khalifi was a clear and present danger to America, they could have easily solved the problem by deporting the 29-year-old Moroccan, who had been living as an illegal immigrant in northern Virginia for years, having overstayed his visitor’s visa by a decade. Instead, he was arrested Friday in a garage outside the U.S. Capitol for allegedly planning to set off a fake suicide vest and shoot people with an inoperable automatic weapon—both provided to him by his government handlers.

As federal authorities so accurately stated after Khalifi’s “capture,” he never posed a danger to the public. In other words, at no time were any Americans in any danger whatsoever from this suspect.

Yet, if convicted, Khalifi will most likely spend the majority of the rest of his life in prison, courtesy of the American taxpayer. The only question is, will we be safer? Or, more pointedly, were we ever in danger to begin with?

(Read More)

This is a significant problem. While the FBI claims to target figures like Khalifi as an attempt to catch these sorts of lone wolf figures before they prove to be truly dangerous, they clearly do this in a way to maximize the public relations coup that comes with their capture. Raise your hand if you’d like to see the FBI pass on getting the PR coup.

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In Miami, 12 officers shoot Haitian man over 100 times ›

by Jean-Guy Allard

Not one word has yet been published by the international press agencies, which are so prone to broadcasting the minor incidents that happen in countries who confront the American imperial power, about the execution in Miami of a 22-year-old-Haitian man by 12 police officers who fired on him 100 times while he was unarmed in his car.

In Miami itself, the local press – characterized by its blind cooperation with calls from law enforcement – has diverted public attention with a controversy over a cellphone, whose owner, Narces Benoit, was filming the savage police intervention that ended with the death of young Raymond Hérissé.

Apparently the murder of this son of a humble Haitian immigrant doesn’t interest anyone, including those holders of power in this city with their persistent traits of racial hate and segregation. According to YouTube, however, Narces Benoit’s video has been viewed 764,125 times.

Criticized for confiscating and destroying cameras and mobile phones after killing Hérissé during the hip-hop festival, Urban Beach Week, the municipal authorities of Miami Beach questioned Benoit’s testimony that said a police officer had aimed a gun at his head, handcuffed him and destroyed his mobile phone by kicking it.

The police detained the witness, an African American, not because he was filming, they said, but because he was “very similar” to the description of the suspect that was supposedly seen fleeing. This is a version of the story whose racist tones don’t escape anyone.

No report of the events in the local press mentions Hérissé’s death nearly as much as they have, with the help of the police, been encouraged to describe a criminal, with an emphasis that is more than suspicious. The court file resembles those of thousands of young African Americans in this city whose segregated neighborhoods are patrolled daily by SWAT teams with horrible reputations.

The Bath Riots: Indignity Along the Mexican Border


For decades, U.S. health authorities used noxious, often toxic chemicals to delouse Mexicans seeking to cross the border into the United States. A new book tells the story of what happened when a 17-year-old Mexican maid refused to take a gasoline bath and convinced 30 other trolley passengers in 1917 to do the same.

The maid, Carmelita Torres, crossed every day from Juarez to El Paso to clean American homes. The gasoline bath was noxious, but effective at killing lice, which carry typhus… Before being allowed to cross, Mexicans had to bathe, strip nude for an inspection, undergo the lice treatment, and have their clothes treated in a steam dryer.


When Torres and the others resisted the humiliating procedure, onlookers began protesting, sparking what became known as the Bath Riots.

The Mexican housekeepers who revolted had good cause to be upset. Inside a brick disinfectant building under the bridge, health personnel had been secretly photographing women in the nude and posting the snapshots in a local cantina. A year earlier, a group of prisoners in the El Paso jail died in a fire while being deloused with gasoline.

U.S. and Mexican troops eventually quelled the riot, and young Torres was arrested. Though she’s been compared to Rosa Parks, Torres’ protest had little effect, Romo says.

The baths and fumigations (DDT and other insecticides were later used) continued for decades, long after the Mexican typhus scare ended. The practice was finally discontinued as health authorities realized the chemicals were dangerous.



I am working on editing a book for a professor and he devotes a chapter to the medical aspects of race and citizenship at the borderlands. The book mentioned in this article is not his book.

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Corrupt Politics: Hispanics Leaving Connecticut Town, Citing Racial Abuse By Police ›


Santiago Malave has worked law enforcement jobs in Connecticut for more than four decades, but as a Puerto Rican, he says he cannot drive through his own town without worrying about police harassing him.

Malave, a probation officer who works in New Haven, says the racial abuse is so bad that he only crosses the town line into East Haven to go home. He and his wife are now preparing to sell their house and move, joining an exodus of Hispanics who say police have hassled them with traffic stops, false arrests and even jailhouse beatings.

The Justice Department has started a civil rights investigation, and the FBI recently opened a criminal probe. But that has not changed things on Main Street, where restaurants and stores that cater to Hispanics are going out of business.

If the goal of police was to ruin East Haven’s Hispanic community, some grudgingly say they have succeeded.

Oh! I live in New Haven; East Haven is the first town east of us. We had a march last summer down the street this is about, there were maybe 200 people there at least. About 8 or so masked white supremacists showed up with “White Pride worldwide” flags & shitty looking signs, plus a whole slew of anti-immigrant white folks who the cops were bullshitting with during the march.

The police chief got suspended (around the same time he was fighting with the mayor & had her arrested for a parking violation) and the department is being investigated by the FBI, hit with FOIA requests, and being sued. East Haven is… not a place I like to spend time, for sure.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the exclusive use of the word “Hispanics” in this article is weird?

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