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Workers carry sacks of Corn Soya Blend inside the World Food Program warehouse for distribution to refugees at Hagadera refugee camp in Dadaab near the Kenya-Somalia border, September 1, 2011.

Photo by Eduardo De Francisco / Reuters via MSNBC Photoblog

Getting grumpy: Corn and soy are monocultures that, being planted massive plantation-style, are destroying entire ecosystems around the world. Since non-GMO corn and soy are rarely produced in the US, this corn soya blend is probably GMO as well. India banned the importation of GMO corn soya blend, even as relief food, because it wasn’t intended for human consumption and may have health hazards long term. India has had a particularly tumultuous fight with GMO crops, as farmers have been protesting it on a large scale.

Colonialism forced colonies to grow foods that the colonizing country wanted and to grow foods that would be exported back to the colonizing country, rather than a variety of foods that would sustain the colony (such as the term “banana republic”; not just a place you get bad khakis!). Then when that isn’t sustainable, the former (or arguably ongoing) colonizing countries send food as relief that was made with those same unsustainable practices and are not healthy.

Clearly I’m reading Vandana Shiva right now, and then this popped up on my dashboard. Not saying not to send food aid, but definitely saying none of this is sustainable or a natural disaster.

To top it off, those bags of food shown are all stamped with the US flag and say “USAID”. Charming.

U.S. makes it legal for aid groups to help Somalians


  • before Aid groups couldn’t get food to starving people in al-Shabaab-controlled areas in Somalia. That’s because the U.S. has sanctions against the al-Qaeda affiliated group who is doing everything in their power to ensure aid doesn’t reach civilians — including diverting aid and killing aid workers.
  • now The U.S. now says it won’t prosecute aid groups whose aid falls into the wrong hands — which is a good thing. It’ll make it at least a little easier to get aid to people in Somalia, but it’ll still be dangerous. 14 World Food Programme workers have been killed in the region since 2008 alone. source

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 One of the first things that radicalized me as a kid was seeing news footage about Somalia and civil war and famine, and getting my mom to explain why people were hungry if there were farms and grocery stores in the US and other places, why didn’t we just give food out since there was so much. In response, she taught me the words “redistribution” and “warlords.” Then when she was explaining how food only got passed on to sections of the military that the US liked, I was PISSED. And about 5 years old. But a pissed off 5 year old.

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