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White feminists: it ain’t that simple

Please take note that admitting in a clearly scripted, belabored single line that second wave feminism focused on middle-class white women—and then actively continuing that legacy—does not count as criticism. If you say “they fucked up,” and then go ahead and fuck up repeatedly in the same way…why even bother saying it in the first place? Everyone sees you.

I’m getting really tired of hearing and reading variations on, “Second Wave messed up because they mostly talked about middle-class white women. But that’s over, so now let’s talk about middle-class white women.” Nah, not that simple to get off the hook.

Also please do not ever ever talk (down) to me about how much Betty Friedan changed my life. That triflin shit isn’t even worthy of a response from me.

When was the last time white feminists were mad that black men in the US make 74¢ on the white man’s dollar?

I guess around the same time as white Occupiers were outraged about a white unemployment rate that is high but still less than half the black unemployment rate i.e. never.

I’m going through labor statistics and making posters. Ready to blow up some one dimensional bullshit.

things i need white feminists to do before i will take you seriously


i need you to come to terms with the way white women have facilitated some of the most unspeakable violence upon black and brown and indigenous people, bodies, and community. often in the name of white womanhood. often in the name of freedom. often in the name of feminism.

i need you to understand that you killed Emmitt Till. i need you to think about all of the black men and boys that have been murdered because either you accused them or your men took it upon themselves to defend *your* honor. i need you to look at pictures of lynched bodies and think about what role you played in it.

i need you to know the names of the women raped by U.S. military in countries we invaded, in part because feminists said we needed to save the women and/or children and supported the various invasions.

i need you to know that those reproductive rights you all are up in arms about were created via the destruction and maiming of black and brown bodies. i need you to know who Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsy are, and what was done to them. i need you to know the names of the Puerto Rican women who were lied to and who died so that The Pill could bring you your precious sexual liberation. i need you to know the central role white women played in sterilization programs that targeted black women, poor women, anyone they deemed too “feeble” to procreate. i need you to think about why more big name feminist organizations are up in arms about the most recent kick up about contraception than about sterilized black women getting compensated for what was done to them.

i need you to understand that at this point, it’s not about privilege. it’s not about you being able to find products that work with your hair no matter where you go. it’s about people’s lives. it’s about WOC lives and a centuries old disregard white women have shown for them. it’s about that fact that white women have been an active agent in the destruction of our communities, our histories, and our families. for centuries.

and WOC don’t owe you a damn thing. not. one. thing.

so get that through your skulls then maybe we can work together. maybe.

I can’t believe there are white feminists who can talk about Sisterhood out one side of their mouths, and then get up in arms about a statement like this out the other side.

It seems to me like studying history would make you a good feminist, no? So why the refusal to acknowledge the less pretty parts of that history? (When was the last time you think I, a black woman, picked up a standard US history textbook and found pretty things about myself that made me feel good about myself?)

When it comes down to it, what I understand least is how white feminists can respond to a statement like this by selling themselves so short. Someone wants to talk about the role of white women in the histories of lynching, and you refuse to engage? Those are historical facts; how can you possibly benefit from pretending it isn’t true? Emmett Till was lynched because white men thought white women so fragile that a woman couldn’t even be whistled at by a black 14 year old boy; how does it speak to your strength if you then refuse to fight against that?

But in the meantime, there is plenty that I feel amazing about being built by people of color. Y’all probably haven’t noticed (at least til it becomes tokenizable and trendy). If you want to be a real ally to people of color, make it happen. Put in that work. But we have things to build and no time to just wait around for you.

tw for trans* erasure, misgendering, general fuckery







1. rush isn’t going to apologize (no shit, i could have told you that.)

2. i really don’t care, because no one asked him to apologize when he threw women of color under the bus. 

unlike what Fluke said an apology wouldn’t be a victory for “all” women. It’d be a victory for middle class white ones who aren’t “sluts”.

boom. there it is.

Middle class white cis ones, yeah.

absolutely. unfortuanately i doubt that rush limbaugh would even consider trans* women women at all. =/

Which is exactly why an apology would only be a victory for middle class white cis women.

Once again, what do Rush Limbaugh and mainstream white feminists have in common? (I really need a good punchline to this joke) (other than our lives)



sooolondon: Apologies if my lists of corporations advertising on Rush Limbaugh are incorrect…





He is literally losing sponsors faster than I can blog.


While this is really great (that people are finally deciding to take action against this guy) it is insulting that widespread disgust has only occured now. He has said plenty of insulting things about black people and specifically black women.

The link I inserted has 46 examples of his racism.

But I guess insinuating that a self-respecting white woman should make porn was just crossing the final line. lol


^^^IMPORTANT!!!^^^  I need to see stfuconservatives reblog that commentary!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah you’re right, there is most definitely a depressing “it’s not a big deal till it happens to a pretty white girl” aspect to all this outrage. Rush has been a fucking slimeball for 30-some years and I’m a little surprised that this was the cut too deep. 

That considered, do you think it’s appropriate or inappropriate to ride this wave if it might ultimately lead to his failure or at the very least an embarassment?


Concerning that last paragraph, it is plenty appropriate to bring up the legitimate fact that problems only exist if they happen to white people.

This fact may not seem like a problem to white people. But it IS a problem to me and many other POC who know that our issues and concerns will never matter unless they spread to the white populous (see OWS, POC communities have BEEN broke).

I mean white folks will ride the wave. I can see that. But I want them to know the hypocrisy inherent in everybody’s decision to get up in arms now and not all of the millions times before when he said just as insulting things. Just to different demographics that aren’t held up as highly as educated, middle-class white women.

"do you think it’s appropriate or inappropriate to ride this wave if it might ultimately lead to his failure or at the very least an embarassment?"

Ride the wave for whom? And who controls it? It’s rare (if ever) that I’ve seen white feminists “ride the wave” if it’s specifically for the good of women of color. But women of color are expected to get behind white feminists on whatever campaign, when it doesn’t result in us being any more respected by either those white feminists or society in general. Once Rush Limbaugh is off the air, will NOW campaign to have him replaced with a show that features women of color issues? Will they now go after all the media that vilifies women of color constantly, specifically around reproductive justice? Will they be making big moves on doing prenatal care in communities of color?

Or is this just another one of those cases where we need to get behind them and wait our turn? I can’t think of a single woman of color who’s itching for another round of SlutWalk.

Apologies if my lists of corporations advertising on Rush Limbaugh are incorrect…






He is literally losing sponsors faster than I can blog.


While this is really great (that people are finally deciding to take action against this guy) it is insulting that widespread disgust has only occured now. He has said plenty of insulting things about black people and specifically black women.

The link I inserted has 46 examples of his racism.

But I guess insinuating that a self-respecting white woman should make porn was just crossing the final line. lol





Reblogging for the bolded bit.

Also worth noting: he’s been bashing trans* people (and especially trans women, of course) since at least 1996…

Priorities, y’all. You can’t pretend to be an ally if we can catch you up on your priorities.

Annoying white feminists.


There’s a really biased, one sided article floating around Facebook about a bunch of white feminists who are “uncomfortable” with Chris Brown performing at the Grammys, and the comments are full of other white feminists patting each other on the back.

You know, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry will also be at the Grammys and they write blatantly misogynistic music.  Eminem has performed at the Grammys and he also writes sexist music.

Yet I don’t see any white feminists critisizing the Grammys for that.

I finally just read the article in question and, yeah, it’s a pretty solid reminder of why whitecentric feminism is not how I work or what I deal with. For starters, it’s sloppy to mention that if Chris Brown had hit Taylor Swift things would be different. No shit! Let’s talk about that, cause it’s not like being famous neutralizes Rihanna still being a black woman and still being treated (and ignored) like one.

I guess one thing that bothers me about white people jumping on Chris Brown is this: What have y’all done for black women lately?? (Talking shit on black men does not count.) I will be the first to say that I wouldn’t like Chris Brown even if he could put a decent pop song together or do any of his own dance moves. But what is that alone doing for black women? Not a damn thing. Other than making this once again revolve around men, and in this case revolve around vilifying black men. Plus put down black women who still buy his music.

Most people who assault black women will not be doing something as high profile as performing at the Grammys, so if you really wanna be down for black women, go to where we more often are being assaulted. If you wanna not support people who are violent against black women, then maybe start with

  • the police
  • the prison industry
  • the war on drugs
  • violence against sex workers
  • welfare cuts
  • school systems that criminalize students of color
  • border patrol

because all those forces have a damn lot more to do with violence in our lives than the fucking Grammys.

Also, white people mad at Chris Brown, do you actually know what Rihanna wants? Has anyone asked her? I mean, rule number 1 in supporting someone after partner violence is you do what the survivor wants, not what you want, and you don’t step on their toes. But again, what black women in general, and one black woman in particular, want and need has been forgotten about. What seems to be more important is finally having the opportunity to openly talk shit on and vilify a black man.

Even more than asking what if he had hit a white woman, I think I’d like to know about what if it had been a white man hitting a black woman, or even a white man hitting a white woman. Would he be a monster in the same way? Would there be the same pathologizing of other black women who remain a fan of his? Would y’all still be shaking your heads at how black people are too complicated to fit into your women’s studies textbook? HELL NAW. Plenty of white men in Hollywood and pop music are known to be abusive, violent, and sexist, and yeah, white feminists will call them on it, but are rarely out for blood and the end of their career the way they are with a black boogeyman.

There are two sets of careers I would like to see end: Chris Brown’s/cops’/prisons’, and racist white feminists.

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"Who Said It Was Simple," Audre Lorde

There are so many roots to the tree of anger   

that sometimes the branches shatter   

before they bear.

Sitting in Nedicks

the women rally before they march   

discussing the problematic girls   

they hire to make them free.

An almost white counterman passes   

a waiting brother to serve them first   

and the ladies neither notice nor reject   

the slighter pleasures of their slavery.   

But I who am bound by my mirror   

as well as my bed

see causes in colour

as well as sex

and sit here wondering   

which me will survive   

all these liberations.


How timely.

Formerly/moderately-useful terms I don’t like anymore cuz white people




Oppression Olympics

Rape Culture…

Right now, “rape culture” is the one that’s bothering me the most. I think how it’s used obscures white supremacy and colonization and, thus, re-centers white people. But I’d like to hear more thoughts on it…

If anyone has thoughts or knows of people who’ve written about this, I’d really like to read all of it!

I think I’m with you on this but I haven’t thought a whole lot about this specific vocabulary, more the actions and intent behind those words. But with regard to rape culture, it definitely does assume that there is one culture built on sexual violence, and that that culture carries out that violence and its aftermath in homogenous ways.

Race was a significant part of me being in an abusive relationship for as long as I was and being assaulted and in the ways that it would go on, and affected the resources I had at my disposal. Race affected how I thought of myself and what I thought I deserved from a boyfriend. I’ll be real about this all day, but plenty of white feminists aren’t: my situation could not have happened to a white woman. I’m not going into details, but it is not possible. Based on how a white person is using an idea like rape culture, I can tell how well they’ve actually listened to my shit, and it has been insulting.

I also recently witnessed some pretty bad misuse of rape culture terminology that, again, was really insulting in how it abstracted my shit and made petty buzzwords out of it, in a way that made it completely foreign to my life. Not to say that I’m 100% right in how I use my words or identify things going on around me; but if I

  • wake up from nightmares about rape culture,
  • take the meds in the morning that I’m on to help deal with rape culture,
  • go to therapy and talk about rape culture,
  • go to work and get young men of color to work through their ideas of masculinity as they come up during the day and help students in general work through rape culture affecting their lives as it comes up
  • go home and maybe drink off the parts of PTSD that rape culture gave me that I can’t always shake or stay at home or in bed hiding

and white feminists come at me telling me what rape culture means and how it happens uniformly across communities and cultures, and are centering only themselves, and I’m not seeing my daily experiences in it AT ALL, and in fact feel belittled by how those ideas are being abstracted—well, I’m not gonna say they’re wrong necessarily, but something’s gotten fucked up there. Something’s lost in the distance between those white feminists and what they’re talking down to me about (which just happens to be MY LIFE).

All that was to say, I’m with you and if it’s possible, I want to take these words back. And I’m tired of shit like this being abstracted from afar to a point where it’s totally foreign to the people living it and living in spaces that overlap with other things that conveniently have their own sets of buzzwords.

The answer is NO.





Maybe you should think about it from women’s point of view. And I completely understand that about that specific person holding it and not knowing the full meaning of what she is saying but I still support the meaning. 

Black women? ARE WOMEN! That’s the whole fucking point. We are the ones that will actually be called nigger. Not white women. So when we are telling you it is offensive & wrong & you’d rather cling to the racism & erase our voices? That’s a serious problem. As for liking the meaning (because you like the idea of being able to co-opt someone else’s pain for your cause) that’s the dumbest damned thing I’ve ever heard. That line is meaningless in a society where only one race of women are going to actually be called nigger. We are the ones that are dehumanized by that term. We are the ones oppressed with that word. And unless you are going to take on the actual pain of being called a nigger by people who mean it & who will happily ruin your life for the crime of being born with dark skin?  You don’t get to decide that we should accept the sentiment or the goddamned sign. Ugh.

so foul that black women still have to say the first line. to the person whom karnythia was responding to—i can’t be bothered to scroll up to type out your name—you suck. 

“Maybe you should think about it from women’s point of view.”

…from women’s point of view

from women’s point of view


The possibility that she didn’t know what “nigger” means is not a very good excuse. What’s the point of a feminism that doesn’t even know that much? Shouldn’t feminism involve a basic amount of critical thinking and historical awareness?

But I guess that fits okay into a feminism that tells women of color to see things from a woman’s point of view.

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White feminists (srsly, like all of you):

Please pick one of these 2 courses of action:

  • Fix things so that racism and feminism are incompatible, OR
  • Stop wondering why/complaining/giving us shit/saying we love patriarchy (wtf) when people of color bail on feminism

If you think about it, I’m not persuaded to be a part of a movement that supposedly depends on critical thinking if y’all think the above two mistakes coexist. Cause it doesn’t take a lot of critical thinking to get that people of color don’t like chilling in a cesspool of racism, even when that cesspool is lecturing us on the White Wage Gap. If you don’t wanna fix your racist shit, why do you care when people of color leave, anyway? What difference does it make to you whether we call ourselves feminist or not, or whether we need to put an adjective on our feminism? We don’t seem to interest you that much (and I’m okay with that like you couldn’t believe). But I just keep seeing & hearing this bullshit about how dare people of color leave feminism—what do you think it feels like to not leave it?

But there is seldom any analysis of how the very nature and structure of the group [of white female feminists] itself may be founded on racist or classist assumptions. More importantly, so often the women seem to feel no loss, no lack, no absence when women of color are not involved; therefore, there is little desire to change the situation. This has hurt me deeply. I have come to believe that the only reason women of a privileged class will dare to look at how it is that they oppress, is when they’ve come to know the meaning of their own oppression. And understand that the oppression of others hurts them personally.

Cherrie Moraga, “La Güera”

On a post where people can define intersectionality however they please with no reference to Crenshaw, Hill Collins etc. (i.e. BLACK WOMEN THEORISTS), I see a white person saying ‘patriarchy hurts men too’.




And talk about masculinism…

I admit to being sort of shocked at how lazy the post was. They even say “I’m too pretty to write my own posts.” Really. They’re “joking,” but then they actually don’t write their own post, so they’re not really joking.


Post in question is here on Feministe. Kind of a vom sundae, i.e. there’s a couple comments callin it that are the cherry on top.

That shit made my side-eye hurt. Like it was…goofy? That’s an understatement. I was cringing while I read it, like is this what straight white college feminists talk about when intersectionality comes up? Is this really what they think is enough? No wonder we never got along! Yeah, that shit is lazy as hell, like all it says is that they learned that sometimes women are also people of color, queers, trans people, poor people, disabled people, and now…everyone discuss. I guess this is a shocking new revelation.

Most white feminists at least humor their audience with an obligatory bell hooks quote…not to knock bell hooks, but it’s easy for white feminism to quote her and move right on without actually checking themselves. I guess they feel comfortable & less challenged by her than other WOC feminists.

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I am getting so fucking sick of white people bawling at me that they…





[Editing, sadly, as OCD monster is having trouble reading]

When I saw this my first reaction was to get really pissed off. I wanted to respond with a rant back about how while white privilege certainly exists, so does anti-white racism and I was going to be very angry.

But then I looked over her blog, and I realized that yelling back at someone who’s screaming will just result in more noise and nobody hearing a thing.

Instead, I’d like to say that I’m glad some people are so passionate about feminism and racism and every -ism in the book. I wish more people would care. But we have to look at tone. Being patronizing won’t make anyone listen to you. Being angry won’t make anyone listen to you. Saying you hate everyone except for the people who are equally angry certainly won’t get you any reasonable friends.

People don’t like to listen to someone who’s closed minded, and you can be the most socially liberal person in the universe and still be the most closed minded person in the world. I consider myself an extremely socially liberal person, and I am immediately turned off by feministilicious because of the way she addresses her audience. Her anger makes me feel pushed away despite the fact that I too am a feminist, anti-racist, member of the LGBT* community. It’s very hard for me to see past “I am getting so fucking sick of white people” doing whatever they’re doing. Bad intro sentence. Turns off a large part of your audience. Lumps all white people into one category, and that’s exactly what she’s complaining about white people doing to minorities.

I could go through and talk about all the patronization and fallacies I saw just skimming her blog, but I won’t, because that would invalidate my argument. I’ll just finish by saying that I’ve seen quite a few of these type of people, the ones who have the same politics as I do but whom I wouldn’t want to be associated with. If you’re turning off people who agree with you, do you think you have a chance of changing anyone’s opinion?

I have to admit, I’m surprised that someone with a feminist card pulls up the tone argument, seeing as women get shut down all the time for being too hysterical, too angry, etc. The thing about the feminists with race privilege that I’ve met, and that I see in these fail reblogs, is that they deny this aspect of our oppression in many, many derailing ways — regardless of their position on the political spectrum. The fact is, people with race privilege throw us under the bus. A hell lot. We don’t tend to say much about it because we’ve been so conditioned against it, so when a marginalised peep stands up and shouts DID SOMEBODY SAY A REVOLUTION?! people with race privilege go into full-blown emergency-containment mode and try their best to stifle the voice that had to fight so many hurdles to get out in the first place. The thing is, we can’t exactly not talk about these things, even if they are aspects of you, because that oppresses us. We don’t have an obligation to make you feel comfortable about that, because it hurts us in ways you can never begin to understand. & yeah, it’s something you can’t help, but you’re a jerk if you try to use that to punish us further.

People with feminist cards and race privilege are perhaps more guilty than others, because they should be aware of oppression and how some of us have intersecting ones that are like standing in a room where everyone is throwing things at each other and you are shouting at them to shut up & nobody is listening.

& when you’re called out, the defences are always self-evident, and inevitably so defensive they’d be amusing if we weren’t trying to have a discussion about how race privilege affects us. 

P.S. Hey feministilicious, I hope you didn’t mind me poking my brownbrown nose in and giving do paise. ^^

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goddamnit white people and their endless fail.

Ya know that comic that goes around, with the woman walking down the street and men hollering at her, and when she doesn’t respond they start yelling, “Fuck you” and “Bitch” and stuff like that? And in the end she’s really mad from both sets of things they’re yelling. That is exactly what comes to mind whenever white people start with the “Fuck you then” lines.

So I will put it this way: White feminists, don’t you find it insulting and patronizing when you are sooo very angry about the sexism you experience and men tell you to just cool it, or that it’s not that big a deal, or that you’re being hysterical, or that maybe they’d listen if you weren’t getting so mad and shrill about it? I’m pretty certain y’all do. Then why would you turn around and say the same things to people of color and think it’s fair? I’m not posing this as a rhetorical question; I actually want answers from white feminists. Like ASAP.

I reblogged what feministilicious posted because I supported it, and because many of those things are things that I have said out loud. I meant it; I don’t need white people to tell me I didn’t or shouldn’t. Yes, it starts out with “I am getting so fucking sick of white people bawling at me that they are racially oppressed and are victims of racism and that I am the real racist here.” Do white feminists think people of color never go home from a racially taxing day and yell, “I’m so fucking sick of white people [whatever action] to me!”? Again, not a rhetorical question. I know I’ve yelled that plenty of times; ask my white mother. Ask firesandwords. I do it several times a week, and this is an improvement over many periods of my life, that I only have reason to yell it several times a week and not several times a day. If white people in my life have never heard me yell things like this, it means they’ve never made the space for me to be honest with them.

Are white feminists really trying to convince me they’ve never said they’re sick of the way men treat them? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s a lot of the basis of feminism, saying you’re fed up with how you’re treated and then doing something about it.

But in the meantime, you put it into words, you get riled up, and then you turn that anger into action. Trying to extinguish that anger stops action before it starts—it’s a great defense move of men who don’t want to deal with feminism, and as you’re illustrating here but damn straight not gonna succeed at, it’s a great move of white people who don’t wanna deal with people of color.

I know people toss around links to Derailing for Dummies, ableist title and all; there are actually multiple posts addressing silencing marginalized people by saying their tone is wrong. If someone’s grasp on their privilege means they cannot see past my anger, then… don’t. Oh well.

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